Our Vision

“Impact is an essential part of our culture and our business. Our Impact Agenda is the ultimate opportunity to live into our purpose.”

Our purpose comes to life every day through our actions to drive meaningful, positive change in the world


Our mission

We hope to bring happiness and elevate your life through Cicis products. To do so, we strive restlessly to constantly study and source products with only the best fabrics

Who We work with

Our partners

We collaborate with organizations that help achieve industry and systems change

Our Mission

Welcome to Cicis Fashion Boutique!

At Cicis Boutique, we pride ourselves on offering a curated collection of authentic merchandise that exudes opulence and glamour. We understand the desires of the discerning fashion connoisseur who seeks only the finest, and we go above and beyond to ensure that every item in our boutique meets the highest standards of authenticity. Each product has been meticulously sourced and handpicked, ensuring that you can indulge in the luxury you deserve without any compromises.

What sets Cicis Boutique apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. We recognize the prevalence of counterfeit products in the fashion industry and the detrimental impact they have on both consumers and the industry as a whole. That's why we work exclusively with licensed resellers, guaranteeing that every item in our boutique is authentic and genuine. With Cicis Boutique, you can shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that every purchase you make is a testament to your exquisite taste and discerning eye.

But our dedication to customer satisfaction doesn't stop there. We believe in building lasting relationships with our valued clientele, and that's why we offer a lifetime money-back guarantee on every purchase. We understand that your trust is earned, not given, and we are ready to stand behind the quality and authenticity of our merchandise. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, our dedicated customer service team will ensure that you are taken care of, no questions asked. With Cicis Boutique, your satisfaction is not just a one-time affair; it's a lifelong commitment we make to you.

Indulge in the world of luxury fashion with Cicis Boutique, where authenticity, licensing, and customer satisfaction converge to create an unforgettable shopping experience. Discover timeless elegance, exquisite craftsmanship, and the allure of genuine luxury. Step into our boutique, and let us redefine your expectations of what true sophistication truly means. Cicis Boutique: Where authenticity meets excellence, and your satisfaction is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Here's a little bit about our behind the scenes...

We have warehouses all over the Nation and are partnered with multiple wholesalers abroad where all our inventory are sourced from.

After your order is placed with us, our team in the warehouse begins the fulfillment process where your orders are picked from our inventory, checked, packaged and labelled before moving to our shipping department.

Finally, we ship out your orders through our partnered shipping carriers to make their way directly to your doorstep, thanks to Our shipping and handling team. 

Tracking emails and notifications are sent out to the customers preferred method of contact.

We as a team are determined to serve you first, in the most genuine way possible! We look forward to connecting with you and building a relationship with every individual customer!

PLEASE feel free to reach out. Ask questions and share your ideas, as we look forward to hearing from you!